Baltic Island Discs

On Tues evening Oct 27 at 8pm in the foyer we begin our series of musical evenings.

On each of these monthly evenings (the last Tuesday of each month) one person will introduce his or her eight favourite pieces of music and then play them (via a CD player) for all to listen to and appreciate and perhaps chat about briefly after each one.

There are no rules about what kind of music but we hope to cover all tastes over time and perhaps within one evening’s selection also.

Our first host is Gordon Redding who will introduce his favourite pieces from Bach, Lennon and McCartney, MJQ, Gainsbourg, Shostakovich, Barber, certain renowned sopranos, and even Michelle Pfeiffer.

Come and relax, and listen, and enjoy, and have a glass of wine with your attuned neighbours. All are welcome.

Canada Water Masterplan – Latest News

Please find below updates on the Canada Water Masterplan, alongside a reminder about the upcoming introductory sessions to help demystify the planning and design process.

Canada Water Dock Focus Session – factsheet now available

On Thursday 30 July and Saturday 15 August, we held two public Canada Water Dock Focus Sessions, looking specifically at the dock to help inform development of this part of the masterplan.  We have produced a summary factsheet of the session – please click here to download. This gives an overview of key facts about the dock, the initial thinking from the design team and the key messages arising through the focus sessions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Surrey Quays Leisure Park Site – Reserved Matters Application

As you may have heard, British Land have submitted a reserved matter’s application to keep the planning permission, gained before British Land purchased Surrey Quays Leisure Park site, live. British Land presented this application and the background to it at the Canada Water Consultative Forum meeting on 5 October 2015. For more information on the reasons for the application and to view the presentation from this meeting please visit the Surrey Quays Leisure Park website. All the planning documents are also available on Southwark Council’s Planning Portal 

Upcoming Topic Discussion Sessions – The Design and Planning process

We also wanted to remind you that we will be holding two introductory sessions to help make sense of the planning and design process in the context of the masterplan. We’ll explore who is involved, the policy, what happens when and how decisions are made. Everyone is welcome, and we will be running this session twice, details below:

Tuesday 27th October


at Time & Talents, The Old Mortuary, St Marychurch St, SE16 4JE

Wednesday 11th November


at Silverlock Hall, Warndon Street, SE16 2SB

RSVP is not essential but it would be useful to have an idea of numbers.

Future topic discussions will inform development of the masterplan, which will be shared for community feedback in the new year. These sessions will look at streets and spaces, and the character of the new places created – specifically the high street and town centre. Please check the website for details or let us know if you would like to be directly updated.

Please do get in touch if you have any further questions.

   020 7729 1705

Canada Water Masterplan October 2015 Update

The Canada Water Masterplan October 2015 update leaflet includes a brief project update and details of activities planned over the next few months.

Please click here to download the update leaflet, and details of the upcoming events are recapped below:

Topic discussions
Over the coming months we will be holding a number of topic discussions, which we hope you’ll be able to join us for. These will look at specific areas to help inform development of the Draft Masterplan which will be shared for community feedback in the new year. Areas of discussion will include the streets and spaces and the character of the new places created – in light of the project review that has been taking place following British Land’s purchase of the Surrey Qualys Leisure Park site earlier this year.

Session 1: The Design & Planning Process 
To kick-off this series of discussions we will be holding two introductory sessions to help make sense of the planning and design process, in the context of the masterplan. We’ll explore who is involved, the policy, what happens when and how decisions are made. These are open to everyone and will aim to be a straight-forward discussion to help demystify a rather complex process! We will be running this session twice: 

Tuesday 27th October 
6.45pm – 8.30pm 
at Time and Talents, The Old Mortuary, St Marychurch St, SE16 4JE 

Wednesday 11th November
6.45pm- 8.30pm 
at Silverlock Hall, Warndon Street, SE16 2SB

Although not essential to RSVP, if you are planning to attend please email

If you have any questions please contact: 

Lizzie Bird
Consultation Co-ordinator Soundings
020 7729 1705 

Video Playlist: Professor Gordon Redding – Why some countries are richer than others: an introduction to economic history.

Tuesday 6th October 2015 saw the first in the series of Baltic Quay Big Questions.

First up was Professor Gordon Redding of Flat 13 with the catchily named:

Why some countries are richer than others: an introduction to economic history.

The evening was housed in the small lounge area underneath the stairs (it was a lot more comfortable than this sounds!) in the base of the Tower, so by the external staircase to the car park in front of the marina.

Guests were treated to wine and snacks, and a select few made it back to a raucous afterparty at Chez Redding – where Mrs R put on a fantastic oriental buffet.

Please click on the icon in the top left of the box above to choose your video, or press the play icon in the middle of the image to begin watching Video 1.

Flipchart slides are as follows:

Slide 1
Slide 2
Slide 3
Slide 4
Slide 5
Slide 6
Slide 7

If your browser will not let you view the videos in full screen this can be done by visiting the Baltic Quay YouTube channel:


There are many babies and children in BQ and that means a fair number of mothers, grannies, helpers, all of whom are keeping the children healthy happy. This is not always easy and it would often be good to have someone to talk to and to share information and experience. It might lead to doing things together, so everyone benefits.

The Residents Committee would like to hear from Mothers who might find this helpful, and we would also like to know in what way could things be organized to help.

We would need to find a small group to manage things, from among the residents, and that is the first step, so might we ask for ANY VOLUNTEERS FOR A SMALL COMMITTEE ?

Cards are available at Reception, on which you can send in your suggestions and willingness to help, to the Residents Committee.

Baltic Island Discs: Musical evenings shared with neighbours

Baltic Quay has a number of serious musicians living here. It also has a much larger number of serious lovers of music. It does not matter whether this is Bach, or Hiphop, most people can appreciate the variety.

These monthly evenings are intended to allow one person on each occasion to share their eight or so favourite tracks by introducing them to the group, and then all sitting in silence listening to each track and chatting about it before the next one. Learning comes from knowing why they are specially recommended. The aim of the exercise is to create a calm space in which to relax in a busy world. And to be pleasantly surprised.

These occasions are informal, may move venues from month to month around the building, but will start by using the lounge on the ground floor of the tower. A player and loudspeaker will be provided. Otherwise all that is needed is your CDs or device holding the music.

We aim to start at 8pm and to run on as long as the music lasts, probably until 9.30 or so.
Some form of light refreshment will be arranged, but we assume people will have had dinner earlier.

We already have commitments from several people, including evenings of violin, of clarinet, of HipHop, of arias, of soft dramatic pieces, and of miscellaneous favourites.
Please contact Gordon Redding at No.13 ( if you would be willing to host such a pleasant pastime one evening for your neighbours.

Schedule: The last Tuesday of each month. 8pm.
Oct 27 2015, Nov 23, Dec 22 (Christmas Special), Jan 26, Feb 26 (Chinese Special), March 29.

Tuesday Talks

A series of evening talks and discussion sessions is planned so as to foster exchanges on current affairs of a broad kind. Guest speakers are invited to explain an idea, in half an hour, and then to lead a discussion about it to engage the audience. Topics are expected to cover science, world affairs and any other topics people suggest.

The program will be launched with an initial series by Paul Dowling and Gordon Redding, and others will be added from guest speakers and residents as they are arranged.

The venue will be the ground floor room at the base of the Tower and the timing will be from 8pm to 9pm plus. Meetings will be on the first Tuesday of each month (subject to speaker availability).

Initial series:

6 Oct 2015. Prof. Gordon Redding. Why some countries are richer than others: an introduction to economic history.

3 Nov 2015. Prof. Gordon Redding. The amazing cool-water hypothesis: why Europe came to dominate the world.

2 Dec 2015. Prof Gordon Redding. The growth of China, and its coming dilemmas.

5 Jan 2016. Francisco Yeo (to be confirmed). The world of international charity work.

2 Feb 2016. Prof Paul Dowling. The unique nature of Japan.

1 March 2016. Prof. Gordon Redding. The puzzle of Islam: its wonders and its handicaps.

Further talks and discussions now being arranged. Volunteers welcome!