Baltic Island Discs

On Tues evening Oct 27 at 8pm in the foyer we begin our series of musical evenings.

On each of these monthly evenings (the last Tuesday of each month) one person will introduce his or her eight favourite pieces of music and then play them (via a CD player) for all to listen to and appreciate and perhaps chat about briefly after each one.

There are no rules about what kind of music but we hope to cover all tastes over time and perhaps within one evening’s selection also.

Our first host is Gordon Redding who will introduce his favourite pieces from Bach, Lennon and McCartney, MJQ, Gainsbourg, Shostakovich, Barber, certain renowned sopranos, and even Michelle Pfeiffer.

Come and relax, and listen, and enjoy, and have a glass of wine with your attuned neighbours. All are welcome.

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