London Docklands Timeline


London Docklands Timeline
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1614 East India Co started to use blackwall anchorage.
1700 Howland Dock opened.
1763 Howland Dock renamed Greenland Dock.
1802 West India Dock Co opened docks.
1805 London Dock Co opened a dock at Wapping.
1806 East India Dock Co opened docks.
1807 Greenland Dock bought by Commercial Dock Co.
1807 Surrey docks South Dock opened.
1812 London Dock Co opened Tobacco Dock.
1828 St. Katharine Dock Co Opened a dock.
1829 West India Dock Co bought City Canal.
1833 West India Dock Co bought East India Dock Co.
1850 Surrey docks South Dock bought by Commercial Dock Co.
1855 Victoria Dock Co open a dock.
1864 London Dock Co and St Katharine Dock Co merge.
1864 Surrey Commercial Dock Co formed by merger of Commercial Dock Co and Grand Surrey Dock and Canal Co.
1866 The merged London Dock Co and St Katharine Dock Co buy Victoria Dock.
1868 Millwall Dock Co opened dock
1870 City Canal enlarged as West India South Dock
1876 Canada Dock built
1880 Royal Albert Dock opened.
1886 Tilbury Dock opened.
1888 London and India Docks Committee formed.
1889 Dockers strike for the ‘Dockers Tanner’ (2.5 pence per hour)
1904 Greenland Dock enlarged.
1909 Port of London Authority took over all enclosed docks in London and Tilbury.
1921 King George V Dock opened.
1947 National Dock Labour Board created
1955 32,000 Registered port workers.
1967 National Dock Labour Scheme ended casual labour
1967-70 Smaller docks closed.
1969 23,000 Registered port workers.
1973 12,000 Registered port workers.
1980-81 West India, Millwall and Royal Docks closed.
1981 July. Legislation passed creating the London Docklands Development Corporation with responsibility for regenerating 5,100 acres of former docks in East London.
1986 July. LDDC unveils Dockland highways programme.
1987 July. Olympia and York sign master building agreement to provide 12.2 million sq.ft of offices on a 71 acre site centred on Canary Wharf.
1987 August. HM The Queen opens London Docklands Light Railway. (DLR)
1987 October. London City Airport opens.
1989 National Dock Labour Scheme ended.
1989 November. Work begun on Limehouse Link Tunnel.
1990 April. Contract let to extend DLR to Bank station.
1991 July. DLR links to bank station complete.
1991 August. First companies move into Canary Wharf.
1991 September. Planning permission granted for runway extension to City Airport.
1991 December. Lower Lea Crossing opened, linking Isle of Dogs and Royal Docks.
1992 February. Britains largest social housing scheme for 10 years is opened – Winsor Park in Beckton.
1992 March. London City Airport extension opened.
1992 May. Olympia and York place Canary Wharf into Administration.
1992 Tilbury Docks sold to a management buyout.
1993 May. Limehouse Link Tunnel opened
1993 October. Canary Wharf taken out of Administration.
1993 December. Work started on Jubilee Line Extension.
1994 March. Beckton DLR extension opened
1994 March. Development of West Silvertown Urban village started
1994 October. Bermondsey Riverside handed on to London Borough of Southwark commencing a phased programme of de-designation of LDDC
1995 Tilbury Docks sold to Forth Ports
1995 December. Beckton successfully de-designated and handed over to London Borough of Newham.
1996 February. An IRA bomb explodes at South Quay, killing two people, injuring many more and creating extensive damage to businesses and houses.
1996 August. Norton Healthcare announce proposed purchase of 25 acre site in Royal docks for its European head office.
1996 August. Citibank announces plans to build new UK headquarters at Canary Wharf.
1996 September. Construction work started on �0 million DLR Lewisham Extension
1996 December. Lottery Sports Fund grants �9 million for a 2,000 metre rowing course at Royal Albert Dock.
1996 December. Surrey Docks de-designated
1997 January. Wapping and Limehouse de-designated
1997 February. LDDC announce highest office take up in 9 years.
1997 October. Isle of Dogs de-designated
1998 March. LDDC completes its regeneration remit with de-designation of Royal Docks


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