28 Nov 2016.
Leaseholders Meeting, for more information see this page:

6 Oct 2015.
A talk by Prof Gordon Redding: ‘Why some countries are richer than others: an introduction to economic history’

27 Oct 2015.
Baltic Island Discs

3 Nov 2015.
Prof. Gordon Redding. The amazing cool-water hypothesis: why Europe came to dominate the world.

23 Nov 2015.
Baltic Island Discs

2 Dec 2015.
Prof Gordon Redding. The growth of China, and its coming dilemmas.

22 Dec 2015.
Baltic Island Discs (Christmas Special)

5 Jan 2016.
Francisco Yeo (to be confirmed). The world of international charity work.

26 Jan 2016.
Baltic Island Discs

2 Feb 2016.
Prof Paul Dowling. The unique nature of Japan.

26 Feb 2016.
Baltic Island Discs (Chinese Special)

1 March 2016.
Prof. Gordon Redding. The puzzle of Islam: its wonders and its handicaps.

29 March 2016.
Baltic Island Discs

Previous Events

Directors Forum, Tender Process

Wednesday 2nd September, 730pm, Main Reception Atrium

Fiona Docherty of James Andrew Residential will be joining the Directors to explain the tender process for the role of managing agent at Baltic Quay.

Further suggested building events at present include the following:

  • Christmas Party
  • Summer Barbecue

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