A Residents Committee for Baltic Quay for Building Community

There are about 160 apartments in BQ and about 300 people at any one time, many of them very busy indeed, but still with needs to feel part of a community, especially when they now live a long way from their families and original friends.

There are many reason why getting together informally would improve the quality of life: making new friends; finding new interests; having people to talk with away from work; a sense of belonging and neighbourliness; and a way of communicating ideas for improving the experience of living here.

So, the Board is encouraging the gathering of volunteers to re-constitute the Residents Committee. Those willing to give a little time would gain the gratitude of many. Please contact if you can spare some of your time.

We have some ideas to start with and some initiatives begun, and they are as follows:

Baltic Island Discs. A group for music appreciation with monthly musical evenings by individuals sharing their favourite enjoyable musical favourites of any genre from Bach to Hip-hop. Occasional invited live musical performances. Last Tuesday of each month beginning Oct 27. (details in a separate note).

BQ General Knowledge Forum. A literary and historical group with monthly lectures/seminars/ discussion sessions, starting with an initial series from our resident professors and other specialists (details in a separate note).

A book club within the literary and historical group. People presenting
and recommending their favourite books.(details not yet settled).

A mothers and babies club, to share information, babysitting, outings,
and guest lectures by specialist advisors.(pending volunteers).

A theatre-going club with a monthly theatre visit. (pending volunteers).

The Moveable Feast Society A moveable feast dining club, inside BQ
with a group dinner each month served one course at a time in different apartments, aperitifs in one, hors d’oeuvres in another, main course in another, dessert in another, and coffee in another. (details in planning).

Annual competition for the most appreciated piece of art (from your
apartment). Display in the foyer one evening, all invited. each piece
explained by its owner. Voting. Prizes. (details to follow).

Suggestions box, and Buying and Selling announcements (on
standardized forms available from reception).

Christmas Party in honour of the Porters. Collective gifts
presentations and toasts. Xmas carols conducted and sung. Father
Christmas volunteer invited for the chidren.