Fire In Deptford

We received the following from nearby Marine Wharf and were asked to share:


From: <>
Sent: 26 May 2020 11:28
To: David Hilditch <>
Subject: Can you help?
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The fire last week in Deptford has caused a lot of problems for the residents of the building who lived there.One lady – Charlie Baxter – a Deptford resident, local Scout leader, Small business owner (party organiser), and a shining pillar of our community – raced to scene and opened the Scout Hall to be a refuge for those residents displaced.She has also been collecting food and clothing, and providing this and other services to those in need.

I have absolutely no doubt she would have helped us at our estate if the same situation had occurred

Can you help her? - Please see the below BBC News clip, and fundraiser page.

News clip

Fund raiser:

More on Charlie:

Kind regards

David Hilditch AIRPM
Development Manager, Marine
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