Porter’s Bulletin August 2016

Baltic Quay.   Porter’s Desk.    Newsletter

News from the Porter’s Desk is to inform you about maintenance and security at Baltic Quay, and to give you information about matters regularly asked about at the desk. This simply supplements other bulletins from Parkgate Aspen and the Board on the managing of the building more generally.

Broadband installation

Work by Hyperoptic is proceeding well on the installation of broadband throughout the building and we are told that the system should be up and running by the end of August. For those of you who have not yet arranged for a connection, we are happy to provide details of the people to contact. They would then explain to you the arrangements. Hyperoptic will run an Open Forum on Sept 1 at 4pm to 8pm to answer questions and provide information. All are welcome. 


Lift No. 5 in the Podium is now restored to normal service, while Lift No. 4 to the garage, opposite Reception, is awaiting spare parts for it to be safe.  Clearly safety takes priority over quick fixes, even if inconvenient.


The new garden contractor is in the process of extending the nice effect achieved in the main courtyard to as many other areas as feasible. This requires attention to the problem of regular watering, and to plant containers, and new taps are being installed around the building to allow that problem to be solved.


We welcome our new cleaner Nicola and her cheerful contribution to the New Look Baltic Quay as it emerges.

Shops opposite

The rumour mill has been running overtime about the shops that will grace the ground floor of Tavern Quay across the street. But facts are very hard to establish. We hear stories of a restaurant but will keep you informed when we know. We will keep a log of your pet hates and preferences if you subscribe to our secret notebook, and will feed them anonymously into the ears of any prospectors we meet.

The Book Exchange

The book and video exchange is a hive of activity, and you are reminded that you are welcome to put in and take out as you wish (but please bring back). To celebrate its service being appreciated plans are in hand to enhance its housing and appearance, so as to show other buildings what a civilized building this is.

Security incident

On Sunday night Aug 14, at 3.20 am, George on patrol noticed a character behaving suspiciously in Rope St near the building, and called the police. They arrived quickly and found the man forcing entry into a flat, having just done the same in a second flat. He was arrested immediately and detained for DNA testing. The officer has since commended George for his actions, as they found from the DNA that the thief had at least six other offences in the area and they had been trying to catch him for some time. He is now out of sight, but people like him are not out of mind as far as your devoted guardians are concerned.

Nature Stories

In the Springtime ducks sometimes nest in among the foliage in one of our upstairs plant holders. It remains a puzzle as to how they get the ducklings down to the water when the time comes, and nature has many wonders. But two weeks ago a whole family were given a ride. A plumber was working on a 4th floor apartment and left the front door open, to be interrupted a bit later by an unusual noise. Turning round he found that an entire family of duck, drake, and four ducklings, presumably from a nearby nest, had waddled into the flat and clearly found it very satisfactory indeed, even though a little dry. The Porter’s desk sprang into action and joined the plumber in packaging the family into a cardboard box – not without protest and great deal of spirited quacking – until they were able to emerge on the water where nature had intended. Their chorus of appreciation was warming to the heart.


The Pirate Ship

Those of you who stroll down Greenland Dock will be aware of the sit-in on the Wibbly Wobbly boat by a group of squatters seemingly acting under the laws of the sea and flying the skull and cross-bones. There is even a resident skeleton on this pirate ship. This seems related to the Council’s notice posted there some months ago proposing that the old Wibbly be towed away to the breakers yard, as no longer seaworthy.  We are intrigued by this fascinating local event, and if anyone has any information about the dispute, of relevance to our residents, please let us know and we will be able to inform people. In the meantime we advise you not to walk the plank.


George Wells,        Matthew Murch,            Alan  Stay,              Sam Ogun .

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