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It is you who gave
05/15/20 at 08:43:49
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It is you who gave me the source of knowledge, the bright light of adversity, and the glory of my life. Time is like a gap between white horses, and my life is like a stream of water. For many years, I have been surrounded by happiness, surrounded by unity, and bathed in sunlight. The class is a warm and warm fairyland, sometimes the class is like a lively vegetable market, screaming, shouting, everything; sometimes the class is like a group of monkeys, the active atmosphere makes the class more vital; sometimes the class is like a group Ant Wholesale Cigarettes, "Shoot when it's time to shoot!" Do not believe, you see: the rainy weather of "naughty ghost" is like a child's face. I really regretted not listening to my mother on Monday. After school, it started to rain. I sat quietly in the classroom and looked at my classmates home with envious eyes Newport 100S. In the end, there was only the 'naughty ghost' who locked the door of our class. I just wanted to get out of the classroom, and the 'naughty ghost' shouted, "Yeah, 'baby paper', how late is it? What happened? "Ah." Before I fought back, he said, "Isn't there an umbrella? Use me, you girls, it's smelly, don't let the rain rain, otherwise it will be ugly. If no one takes care of it ... "I haven't responded yet. He rushed out of the classroom long ago and ran in the crowded 'station' in the rain. Our class is a boarding class and I have to eat in the cafeteria every day. The music we had in the last class at noon that day, we were all ready to sprint a few minutes after the last class. "Ding Ling Ling, ..." All the students screamed and rushed out of the door, so that the teacher was helpless to us. But this did not end. At the entrance of the cafeteria, we stood in a row. Several boys running slowly said that the teacher was not there and jumped forward. The girls behind did not work and shouted: "Hey, you are too shameless. Without this, I do n��t know if the lady has priority ... "The boys also refused to accept:" It ��s shameless to jump in the line, it ��s even more shameless not to jump in the line, what time is it, to return the lady ... " The silent spring, "69" is immersed in silence. The annual spring sports meeting is here again, and our athletes are uneasy. The night before the games, our girls wrote many drafts in their spare time, in order to enable the announcer to write for many years, and then add more points. That day, the wind was very strong, and we sat on the runway with stools, waiting for the opening of this passionate ��battle��. "Athletes entering 800 meters ... 8102 ..." The news of the announcer came to my ears, and my heart fluttered up suddenly, nervous. The students comforted me and gave me encouragement. Whenever I ran in front of them, they would cheer me on. After the game, they put on clothes for me, brought hot water, and gave me a seat. In the end, we ushered in 69 points with sweat, with a good result in the second place of the grade Marlboro Gold. Back in the classroom, the class was filled with cheers.
There are too many things in the class. I am proud of this class and proud of friendship. I am very capable of having such a class. Here, I learned to be united, friendly and strong.
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