Baltic Island Discs: Musical evenings shared with neighbours

Baltic Quay has a number of serious musicians living here. It also has a much larger number of serious lovers of music. It does not matter whether this is Bach, or Hiphop, most people can appreciate the variety.

These monthly evenings are intended to allow one person on each occasion to share their eight or so favourite tracks by introducing them to the group, and then all sitting in silence listening to each track and chatting about it before the next one. Learning comes from knowing why they are specially recommended. The aim of the exercise is to create a calm space in which to relax in a busy world. And to be pleasantly surprised.

These occasions are informal, may move venues from month to month around the building, but will start by using the lounge on the ground floor of the tower. A player and loudspeaker will be provided. Otherwise all that is needed is your CDs or device holding the music.

We aim to start at 8pm and to run on as long as the music lasts, probably until 9.30 or so.
Some form of light refreshment will be arranged, but we assume people will have had dinner earlier.

We already have commitments from several people, including evenings of violin, of clarinet, of HipHop, of arias, of soft dramatic pieces, and of miscellaneous favourites.
Please contact Gordon Redding at No.13 ( if you would be willing to host such a pleasant pastime one evening for your neighbours.

Schedule: The last Tuesday of each month. 8pm.
Oct 27 2015, Nov 23, Dec 22 (Christmas Special), Jan 26, Feb 26 (Chinese Special), March 29.

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