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Davinci Introduces the DC100 high-performance
08/03/21 at 10:01:54
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Davinci Introduces the DC100 high-performance

Davinci Dynamics announced two new electric motorcycles - the DC100 and the exclusive DC Classic on July 17. As the result of seven years of development, the launch of these two models marks a new level of performance for electric motorcycles. Designed for performance, DC100 and DC Classic are among the first production of electric motorcycles to rival the performance of their 1000cc gas-powered counterparts.
The DC100 is designed to deliver the perfect balance of acceleration, maximum speed and battery range. It can be charged using widely accessible and convenient level 3 DC fast-charging stations with a full charge taking only around 30 minutes. This high-rate charge is enabled by the motorcycle's high energy density ternary lithium battery pack (17.7kWh).To get more news about davincimotor, you can visit official website.

Thanks to its intelligent robotic control system, the DC100 delivers an optimized riding experience that gives riders precise control over the 137 horse power that is delivered via the electric motor mounted directly on the back wheel. At the same time, the motorcycle's advanced features, including traction control, CBS, and ABS contribute to safer rides. It is also equipped with practical rider aids such as driver assist, hill assist, downhill assist, and reverse assist, all designed to make riding easier and more fun.

The Davinci App is the perfect accompaniment to motorcycling in a digital age. It acts as both key and dashboard - an all-in-one monitor that controls the motorcycle and empowers your ride. When connected to the vehicle's control system, it shows real-time speed, battery, and tire status in addition to map and navigation functions. The app can also geo-locate the vehicle and supports system upgrades through FOTA.As a two-wheeled robot, DC100 is capable of sensing, calculating and executing. From the vehicle's mechanical status to real-time riding feedback, DC100 is designed to offer impeccable performance in complete harmony with its rider.

Future features that will leverage the DC100's robotic intelligence include self-balancing, auto follow, and smartphone remote control.The MSRP for the DC100 is $27,500 and €26,000 in the United States and Europe respectively. Customers can reserve their motorcycles with a deposit of $150/ €150 on Davince Tech website or App. Shipping from July 2022.

The upgraded DC Classic model will have a limited worldwide release of only 50 units. This hand-assembled masterpiece is characterized by its striking minimalist aesthetics, and each motorcycle carries a unique collection ID.

The DC Classic features Öhlins front suspension customized with Dyneema carbon fiber sleeves, Brembo GP4 brake calipers, RCS Series Brake Master Cylinders, French calfskin seats and many CNC customized parts, all meticulously hand-assembled to enrich and enhance your ride. The MSRP for DC Classic is $90,000/ €78,000. Shipping from April 2022.
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