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Which aspects of New World are a little different
10/13/21 at 05:14:59
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Which aspects of New World are a little different from WoW?

New World has three color coded factions: The Marauders (green), The Syndicate (purple) and the Covenant (yellow). Each faction has a basic philosophy. The Marauders hold that, “might makes right,” The Syndicate thinks, “science will save us,” while The Covenant says, “religion will save us.”To get more news about Buy WoW Gold, you can visit official website.

Players choose their faction after an introductory quest around level 8 or 9. It’s like choosing a Covenant in Shadowlands. The factions battle in PVP for control of the various settlements. Players of any faction can still use the town, but when your faction owns a town, you receive discounts to crafting and Trading Post (Auction House) costs. The Company (New World’s word for a guild) that controls the town can set the rate on Property Tax, Trading Tax, Crafting Fees, and Refining Fees.
When you reach a new settlement, you’ll have the opportunity to register at an Inn. This is just like setting your Hearthstone in World of Warcraft. Every 60 minutes, you can recall to the Inn. As previously alluded to, New World has player housing. You can buy a house in each settlement. You can then recall to either your house or the Inn, but they share the one hour cooldown.

New World also lets you construct a camp when you’re away from town. This takes a small amount of readily available crafting materials. The camp provides another place to recall, but critically, it sets your respawn point if you die. Without a camp, your respawn point can be a good hike from where you were questing.
New World doesn’t have classes. Everything is based upon your currently equipped weapon. You’ll receive character XP as normal, but killing monsters also awards weapon skill for the weapon (or weapons) you’ve used during the battle. As you gain weapon skill, you’ll level up your weapon which will open a talent tree for that weapon type. It reminds me a little of the original Artifact weapons from Legion.

Some of the options in the tree are active abilities while others are passive improvements. If you take all the passives, New World’s combat can get repetitive and boring fairly quick. The active abilities become your hot buttons. They all have decent cooldowns so you’re never spamming your keys.

Anytime you switch weapons, your hotbar automatically changes to the abilities for your newly equipped weapon. You can have two weapons “prepared”. This means you can switch between them in combat, but to change which two you have ready, you have to be out of combat. I’ve been running around with a Great Axe and Lifestaff equipped. I open the fight with the Lifestaff and then switch to the Great Axe when the mob gets close. If I wanted to switch to my Musket, I’d need to wait until I was out of combat and change out the musket for either the Lifestaff or the Great Axe.

Each weapon scales with a particular stat. Melee weapons tend to scale with Strength, ranged weapons with Dexterity and magic weapons with Focus. You get points to assign to the various attributes as your character levels. Over time, you’ll start building your character towards being more effective with one or two of the weapons and players are already developing “builds” for PVP and PVE. You can respec both your attributes and weapon talent tress for free as long as you are below level 20, but after twenty, there’s a Azoth (a major consumable) cost associated with respeccing.

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